IT Training/eLearning

  • To learn Adobe products, see Adobe Training in Phoenix
  • To create your Graphic, Training and Instructional Materials, see our eLearning packages below:
  • To host your e-learning, see

Instructional Development

Designing graphics, training and instructional materials requires customization for each project. We created some starting points below with these package estimates:


*Hover over checkmarks for estimates on each project service. There is no “price per minute”  per final finished work that is a one size fits all. Every project is unique and it has to be billed according to the amount of time, personnel and equipment required to complete the project. Timeframe can vary based on communication back from client and SME’s on project. Also, both timeframe and costs can vary based on what materials are provided and what editing requirements are needed. Contact us for a customized quote! 

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