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We include a generous list of services with every package to get you started equating to $250 for the first year! Every project is unique with a number of pages, amount of copy, images and editing needed, widgets and plug-ins or special programming required to complete the project. Above are some guidelines on basic items typically used. Contact us for a customized quote. To help us further in describing your needs, please fill out this form, or just email us. Thank you!

We found this article that stated reasonable prices in case you wondered how great our prices really are! And they are!!

A typical breakdown of expenses required to get up and running might look something like this elsewhere:

  • Domain: $12+/year
  • Hosting: $10/month – $30/month
  • Premium Theme: $50-$200
  • Premium Plugins: $15-$200 (each; some are one-time purchases, others are monthly/annual licenses.)
  • Rough Totals: $200-$1,000+

Other Competitive pricing:

  • Hourly: $50-$100 per hour
  • Flat Rate: $500-$1000+
  • Monthly: $30-$50/month (in addition to the initial hourly or flat rate fees)
  • A-la-cart Extras: $100, $200, etc. per strategy document, training course, and so on.
  • Rough Totals: $500-$2,500+ (plus possible monthly or a-la-cart services)

Article from: A General Pricing Guide for WordPress Websites, posted on June 8, 2015 by Nathan B. Weller in Resources.

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